Can't load screen in app

What’s this all about?

Some kind of timeout. Happens sometimes. Did it refresh successfully after like a minute or are you still seeing it?

Fixed now, weird

I wouldn’t worry about it unless it’s happening a lot or it persists for a long time when it does occur.

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my Things tab wont load all day today, about 16hrs now… any ideas? I csn access the items in the Rooms tab and they work fine but nothing in the Things tab… :confused:

My screen is constantly like this. It’s been several days now. Right after it asked me to upgrade my account

It has been weeks since I have been unable to load three screens that I really need to delete. I tried to get on the website on the computer in hopes of deleting it from there. There is no way of deleting it from there. It has made the system extremely frustrating.

Three screens or three scenes?