Something weird going on with Hub and iHome


I seem to be having some weird issues with my hub and getting an iHome plug added. So this morning my girlfriend was not able to connect to the iSP5 plug we have, using the native ihome control app. I reset the plug to reconnect the device to her app. Doing this seems to have cause a domino type effect with my whole hub and everything. Perhaps it is something I have done but I am not to sure.

Once I reset the plug I lost all connectivity to it from both the iHome Control app and the SmartThings app. I went through the default process of adding the iSP5 to the native iHome app.I got it to show up and connect properly there. I can control the lamp connected to the plug using my iHome Control app just fine.

Here is where things go weird. I cannot get the plug to show up on my girlfriends phone using the iControl app. As well my SmartThings app lost connection the plug and now will not re add it. I deleted the iHomeControl Smart app and attempted to re add the device and reconnect my iControl account. The account will connect just fine and I push the Authorize button but when it asks which devices I would like to add there is nothing there. Meanwhile the plug is connected and working fine in the iControl app. Clicking the add Connect All button also does nothing.

Somewhere in the whole process I did attempt to reset my SmartThings hub to see if that would help at all for some reason. Both phones show up as present and I can still control the Mimolite garage door as well. Thinking I could maybe get a little more info or be able to troubleshoot a little better I logged in online to view my hub and devices. It turns out my online account does not even see my hub or any devices I have connected. (Currently two phones as presence sensors and a mimolite running my garage door). I can open and close the garage door fine using my phone. The door sensor shows open and close exactly how it is supposed to but I get nothing in the live logging.

I apologize for the long winded post. I appreciate any help.

Thank you