Modes screwed up?

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Anyone have experienced system going into Home mode during the night or while your away?..with no signs of it being triggered?..just mysteriously your system is in home mode but nothing works like it’s supposed to when in home mode?

I’ve had this going on for a couple months now…and yes I have a ticket with the same old initial response with no follow up.

What gives?


You’ll find at least six forum threads where this has been discussed this year. Some people see it, some people don’t. There are various theories for what could be causing it, but it may be multiple problems.



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Yes, I read those and i appreciate your bringing them up :slight_smile:

What I found peculiar is that, in those threads, their system works fine but it’s unexplained how it happened? least from what I read.

Where mine differs is that nothing works off motion after this happens.

It’s always something.

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Database corruption and/or hub being out of sync with the cloud happens to the best of us. The first to find and share a workable solution will be the saviour for the rest of us. I hope you will be the ONE! :smile: Can you change the mode back in ide to put your modes back in order?

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I’ll get right on that…but it will have to wait until after I move my pot of gold under tomorrow’s rainbow and brush my unicorn.

…oh!..and prove Hilary Clinton’s ineptitude is all happenstance.