My house is possessed

(Egan Greenstein) #1

Is anyone else experiencing random mode changes today? It started when my midnight “clean up” HH action didn’t fire, then Home Day didn’t fire this morning at sunrise. I manually triggered Home Day, but all day long my mode has been randomly shifting to Home Night (about 7 times so far). I manually put it back to Home Day, and some time later it goes to Home Night.

I reset the hub and fired off a support email. Not surprisingly, there are no outages noted on the support page other than the fundamental flaw still from Nov 26th.

(Brad B.) #2

Yes. Mine just went to Night Home mode as we drove to church

(Joe) #3

I’ve been having all types of timing issue all weekend long.

(Blake s) #4

This past weekend was the worst I have experienced since I started tinkering in November. Random lights would not turn on, alarm went off for no reason. Glad I don’t have any smart door locks :slight_smile:

(Joe) #5

Yup. I’ve been experiencing delays with motion activated and presence events. Not to mention lights turning off outside of scheduled times. However, I can still turn things on and off with th smartThings app with minimal delay.

(Blake s) #6

Weird, exact opposite of my issues. motion detectors working fine, but my app was pretty unresponsive for specific devices.

Oh well. Looking forward to moving away from cloud processing.