Someone near a Curry´s that sells hubs could make a small fortune

So, the hub is sold out at Samsung, Amazon and online at Curry´s, but from what I understand, they are still available in some of the stores.

There is only two hubs available on ebay, around 230£ each.
If someone would sell them for ~10-15£ above selling price, I think you would could make a (smaller) fortune.

I would buy one at least :slight_smile:

Really disappointed with the availability of SmartThings products. The socket which after the hub is I would think one of its most popular items .Is out of stock on Samsung’s site ,Amazon quoting 2 month delivery.

My local PcWorld store has no stock at all.The display there looks shabby , when I asked the staff they said to me we have no stock don’t know when or even if we getting anymore in.

.I am worried I have invested in a product that is or already has been discontinued .

I was in PC World in Sunderland Today. They had a new display with the Things out on display to touch, and underneath had one each of all the things and Hubs, as well as a Hub + 3 things box.

Almost picked something up but was in there looking for Hue bulbs (of which they only had bayonet fitting.)

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