Some Samsung devices 50% off

So the Samsung motion detector and some other devices are on sale at 50% off. This is a big discount, anyone have any idea if they are trying to unload these because they are about to update them? If so I’ll wait, if not I’m going to stock up!

There will always be new models coming out… Perhaps not next week or month, but maybe the month after that.

You have to decide if you are buying for savings or to get the “latest and greatest”.

I hear a lot of complaints regarding the current model of Motion Sensor, BTW… but, who knows. Might work fine in your network or with fresh batteries or ?

Understood, automatic obsolescence is the ever-present issue in tech, but it seems like it moves a lot slower with this smart home stuff. Just hoping somebody might know if they are coming out w/something new really soon.

Hope you are wrong about the quality of the motion sensor. I’m going to get a couple and see how it works for me. Just out of curiosity, which motion sensors get high marks?

That’s a great question.

I have the previous model (Centralite … PEQ branded) which are working fine for me:

You’ll have to do a lot of forum searching to analyze which are better or worse. Monoprice? Xiomi? etc., etc., etc…

As a newbie, I think the most daunting part of setting up the smart home stuff is figuring out which components to buy - there is a bewildering array of options!

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They won’t become truly obsolete unless smart things abandons the Zigbee protocol, so buy away! Terry’s warning about brands always stands. Certain brands, and even models within brands, behave differently. Do some quick searching and you’ll see recommendation threads on here, just pay attention to the dates so your information is recent. I like to buy one sensor and use it for a month as a trial period before I go all-in on ordering more.

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Well… that’s the same conundrum with any tech gadget(s); though I guess folks only buy a couple of TVs and one refridgerator, etc., so the research process is less frequent – but also a bigger investment? :thinking:

My recommendation is to not buy too many Sensors at once of any brand. It may take a little longer but if you’ve found you’ve chosen a poor one (despite pre-purchase research), you haven’t wasted money and installation time on all the rest.


I’m buying two motion sensors and one multi sensor. Thanks to the Christmas season I’ll have until Jan 31 to return if they are buggy. I’ll just install one motion sensor to start and see how it works. At 50% off it’s hard to resist buying a couple!