Anyone have some SmartThings Motion Sensors they want to sell?

I need to replace some motion sensors and can’t find any of the 2018 SmartThings Motion Sensors with the the magnet and mounting ball. I know they stopped making them. Anyone have any used or new ones they want to sell?

have you looked on ebay"?

i see 2 on there at premium cost, but one is accepting offers. now that they are out of production and stock is depleting everywhere they are going to cost more, but just a couple of months back i was able to get some for around $17 each.

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Yea I made an offer and bid on the other.

i have one of these magnetically stuck to the back inside of the mailbox. so far it and the battery have held up to the extreme heat up to 120 F inside the mailbox and cold. the sensor is straight line of sight from a powered repeater inside the garage about 70 feet away. the metal of the mailbox and metal of the big garage door doesnt seem to be effecting the signal.

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