Samsung smart outlet / motion sensor $20 / $15 at BestBuy

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damnit, why aren’t the water sensors ever on sale :weary:

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ADT/ST combo sensors are on sale, too

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Smart Outlet at BestBuy just went up to $19.99

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Never seen this form factor before. Only the centralite ones. Any major difference?

Biggest difference is these don’t drop off like the old square Centralite ones were prone to do.

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Bought 2 of the sensors for $15 each. I do see there are issues with battery consumption. For the price, will see how they go.

This is true, but these newer ones are far less sensitive for detecting motion. I had to put it in a small room where people walked within a few feet. These are good for security (less prone to false motion) but not great for automation in medium to large rooms.

Oh, and that outlet is huge and sticks out really far on wall. Just looks silly unless you can hide it.

It’s roughly 1/2 the size of the old ones. So your size standards must be pretty small.

I got three of them (open box from 3rd party) from Amazon for $19 each. Free shipping. No tax.

Just found this from another thread

Man! I swear! I get busy for few days and you guys post all the good deals.

And now they are gone!


Installed one of the sensors outside my front door. It’s picking up movements on the street, at least 50 feet out.

Now I am concerned about “The One Who Wears The Pants” acceptance factor. She would not be happy getting text message in the middle of the night when a car passes by.

Motion sensors outside are not usually recommended unless you can narrow the field a bit. Maybe use some tape on the sensor? Or point it towards a more narrow area and not into the street.

So just don’t have it send a text when it detects something. I’d go crazy myself if every time one of my PIR detected motion I got an alert.

First I have ever heard of that. I’ve had Samsung PIR stuck on the eves on the front of my house for years. Outside lights all on 80% with motion, outside lights all on 10% if motion stops. Yes it detects cars driving by on the street 50+ feet away, but so do my “dumb” motion activated outside lights.

Yes, I am trying to come up with a better location where it only points to my front porch ( and the front path
) instead of a much wider field of view.

Another option would be just turn the lights on every time it detects motion at night, between specific hours. I live at the end of a street, so there is not much action after hours anyway.

Im glad it’s workiing for you. I also have one just outside under the eaves pointing towards my front door away from the street and I sometimes get false alarms when the sunlight hits the porch wall just right but most of the time it does work well.

Just searching the threads you can see this topic come up often.