Some leviton Decora Wifi Devices showing as offline in the IDE/APP, but they work perfectly in My Leviton (i.e. they are online)

I have 21 leviton devices in my house. These had been working perfectly, but today I noticed 2 switches showing as offline in the App (and I cant hit on/off), I checked in the IDE and they are showing offline there as well. When I go into My Leviton, the devices are online and I can turn them on/off. All other devices are working as expected. I also tried rebooting the hub from the IDE, but no change. What would cause this to happen, given the fact the devices are actually online.

Rebooting the hub probably will not resolve offline cloud-to-cloud devices. You can try going to menu > settings > linked services and click on your Leviton integration and click through the screen and end with done. That may or may not get the devices synced but worth a try. :slight_smile:

I was having issues with my Globe suite bulbs showing as offline but I could turn them off and on via Sharptools and the Globe app. I was able to get them to go back online and remain so by doing the following: I went into the IDE and noted that the bulbs were not associated with my hub anymore, so I selected my hub and I made the type a “simulated RBGW bulb”. I updated and noted that now they were online. much smarter people on here than I informed me that I should not leave the device as that and return it to type “Placeholder”. I did so and they have remained online as of almost a week. Perhaps try a simulated switch, update, if it goes back on line return it to what it was originally. Not sure if it will help but worked for me.

Did that, no difference, device shows in the already existing list, and hitting Done doesnt resolve it.

Mine are associated with the hub (as are all the ones that are working), so that wont do it.

Contact Leviton support to report the issue. They own and manage the integration.

fair enough, offered up what worked for me and is still holding.
I noted one or two of my bulbs went off line while still associated with my hub and performed the steps I described and it worked for me.

Up to you …

good luck and have a good day.

Thanks, the ticket is open, will see what they say.

Im in same boat. I tried to remove the linked service to see if that would help but I get the “a network or server error occurred. Try again later”. So frustrating that all the devices work on my leviton but all of sudden not in smartthings. And whats even more strange lets say I try and add a new device it shows all my previously added 14 devices but none of them show up as available devices to use.

Okay, here is what I have found after engaging Leviton Support. The devices slowly went offline and late afternoon Sunday, viola they were all back. By Monday they had eroded again to mostly offline. Looking at smartthings, I noticed it was the Leviton and 1 Bond device that was offline. When I go into My Leviton and Bond Home and toggle the device, viola it is updated in Smartthings to the correct state. I am not sure what the real problem is, I have forwarded the info to Leviton, but it almost seems like Smartthings is somehow losing state and switching the device to offline, given the update in the actual holder of state is reflected once it is changed in that system.

still no joy for me. Was hoping to get this dialed in this weekend. It shows all my previous added devices but its lost all of them as connected devices. A real bummer that i cannot use these.

Update, I hoped on the IDE and all the devices were on there. I edited each device and noticed they were not assigned to the HUB. Once i did that they showed back up on the app.