Leviton Decora WiFi Switches stopped working

Hi. I have about 22 Decora WiFi switches installed. All have been working fine except one has intermittently been giving me problems (stops responding in SmartThings). All work fine in My Leviton app. Now all are showing offline in SmartThings app. I went to the IDE and it shows all are offline.

I saw another post that noted the troubled switches weren’t associated with a hub in the IDE. Just checked and none of my switches are associated with my hub (other smart outlets etc are though). How do I edit in the IDE to make that association? Are there other recommendations? Thanks.

Leviton makes many different model switches, including Z wave, zigbee, and Wi-Fi. Z wave and zigbee models are connected directly to a smartthings hub, but the Wi-Fi models do not talk to the hub at all and you can use them in a hub optional configuration. So that shouldn’t be the issue.

It sounds more like you’ve lost the cloud integration. have you contacted support?

They are WiFi switches. Forgot to note that from the beginning. No, I haven’t contacted Leviton support yet. Since it started off as just one switch behaving strangely, I didn’t suspect a wholesale problem with that.