Some hue bulbs wont turn off via "light" group

(Mike) #1

I have 18 Hue bulbs setup in my SmartThings hub. Some of my bulbs wont turn off when grouped. I have two rooms that are problematic. One room has 5 bulbs, and the other has 6. I have each of these rooms setup as a “light” from the home screen. So one light group has 5 bulbs and one has 6. Turning off either of these rooms often leaves 2-3 lights still on. Usually it’s the same ones.

Oddly enough, turning them on/off individually works perfectly. This leads me to believe that it’s not a wireless signal issue, and not a problem with the configuration of the individual bulbs.

Does anyone else out there have large groups of Hue bulbs they are turning on/off simultaneously? Do you have similar problems?

My gut is telling me it’s the SmartThings hub sending too many API requests at once. I wonder if the API calls to the Hue hub are rate-limited so they don’t overwhelm the hub. Does anyone have any insight into this?

Thank you for your time and any direction you can give me! In spite of this I LOVE my SmartThings hub.

(Mike) #2

Nevermind. I just noticed this thread: Problems with on/off with Hue

Seems like the same issue I’m having. My apologies.