Solved - Smartthings hub v2 - All Zigbee Devices Offline


I have a Smartthings hub and have Smartthings Motion/Multipurpose/Smartplugs which are all zigbee based.
As of last night 12.55 am (approx 10 hrs ago) all the smartthings zigbee devices have all suddenly become unavailable and are reporting as Offline.
I can control hue lights using the hue hub and wifi switches. So seems to be a smartthings zigbee issue.

I have not added any additional devices in months nor added any device integrations.
My deco m5 router wifi channel is channel 2
Smatthings Zigbee channel is 19
Hue hub channel is 25

Current Smartthings Hub firmware is 000.047.00010
Current Zigbee status is :

  • State: Functional
  • Version: 5.5.0
  • EUI: 000D6FFFFE8BEC27
  • Channel: 19
  • Node ID: 0000
  • Pan ID: 8FEF
  • OTA: disabled
  • Unsecure Rejoin: false

I have attempted to trouble shoot by switching the hub off for about an 1hr and then turningn it back on. However the devices are still reported as Offline.

If any1 could help, tht would be great.


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I would also set these Zigbee values on your hub :

  • OTA: enabled for all non-light devices
  • Unsecure Rejoin: true

One thing that may be keeping your devices from coming back online could be the Unsecure Rejoin setting, so I would definitely set that to true and then restart your hub and wait and see if devices start to rejoin.

Do you know if your zigbee devices moved from a DTH to an Edge driver as part of ST’s migration?

just wanted to point out… if the hue devices are on the hue hub then it would not be related to the zigbee network on the ST hub… two separate networks.

the hue issue is most likely related to ST switching over to new Edge drivers:

I have enabled both options. I’ve restarted the hub. Devices are still showing offline.
I then removed battery from one of the motion sensors, then inserted the battery again. Got the green light on the motion sensor to indicate it is funtioning. However the Motion sensor is still offline. As are all the other Smartthings zigbee devices.

Is there a way to check if they have migrated to the Edge drivers? i havent been following the migration for a long time. All devices were working until 11 hrs ago.

Sorry for the confusion. I meant i have Smartthings linked with the hue hub. And i can use the smartthings app to control the hue lights which are controlled by the hue hub.
Just placed that info there to show that i can toggle things using the smartthings app and other devices are appearing online. Its only the zigbee devices linked to the ST hub that are offline.

Take a look at using this:

This isn’t a direct replacement for the IDE, but it’s pretty much become my go to tool. It will tell you what driver a device is using or if its still on a dth.

Have you tried resetting a device and rejoining it?

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sorry for a being such a noob at this.
this is the info i get.

Name Motion Sensor
Mfg Name SmartThingsCommunity
Mfg Code Samjin
Model motion
ocf Type
Category MotionSensor
Room Outdoor
Presentation ID 75d4b0c7-a677-3cc2-92d6-5fadd1c81953
Parent ID 85f7f6e3-4f83-4f6b-9d79-1eae357ab292
Parent Name SmartThings Hub
Driver ID d620900d-f7bc-4ab5-a171-6dd159872f7d
Driver Name Zigbee Motion Sensor
EUI 286D97000103781B
Network ID EF95
Provisioning State PROVISIONED
Local Execution yes

Nowhere does it say Edge or DTH.

I’ll try adding another sensor to see if it joins and give u an update

The above is an Edge driver

Any device using a legacy DTH would only show as “DTH”

the opposite of what you see in IDE where DTH would show the name and Edge drivers would display as Placeholder.

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So, i took out a new Smartthings smart plug and i was able to succesfully add it and able to toggle it using the app.
Which means the zigbee network on smartthings is working.
Is there a way to fix all the offline devices without having to remove and re-add?

With Zigbee devices you do not need to remove them (unless switching from DTH to edge driver). Just add the device as if it’s new and it should rejoin as long as you have Zigbee secure mode turn off.

Zigbee secure mode is found in the hub tile settings.

Thanks for showing where to find zifgbee secure mode.
Its definetly off.
I go to add device → Smartthings → Motion Sensor → Motion Sensor IM6001-MTP → after scanning the qr code - it requires me to reset the device for the hub to detect.
If i don’t reset it and get the lights to flash red and green, the app doesn’t proceed to the next step as its not able to find a new device.

Am i doing something wrong wen u say “add the device as if its new”?

Yes you need to reset the device but it should retain the name, routines, etc that you previously had.

Prefect. I just tried it and it worked like a charm.
Thank you very much

Thank you Johnconstantelo, Jkp and Terri_Baker for helping me out. Learnt a lot from u guys today.

In the ned not sure why all the zigbee devices decided to go offline. But a simple fix is as Terri suggested.
Do not remove any device from the smartthings app. Simply go to Add Device - Reset the device using the pin and voila - Devices are added and all the info is retained.

Thank you everybody. Saved me a huge headache


Zigbee devices have a unique ID assigned at the time of manufacture which they share with the hub at the time they join/rejoin the network. So their identity is preserved even if they have to rejoin.

In contrast, zwave devices don’t come with a unique ID. They are assigned their ID by the hub when they join the network.

This is why you don’t have to recreate routines for a zigbee device if the device is reset. :sunglasses: (And why the zwave third party standard offers a “replace” utility to preserve the network ID after a rejoin, although last time I looked ST no longer supported the Replace option. :disappointed_relieved:)

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