[Solved] Nest Cam Footage on DVR

Has anyone found a way to store Nest Cam footage on a NAS without paying for the Nest Aware subscription.

  • Nestcam is not support card memory. Only save video on Cloud stogre.
  • You can using streaming method and save video on your computer (by software http://www.ispyconnect.com/). but I do not believe the quality of it

Unless you can find a way to pull the stream from the API and then stream it to device storage, then no.
Also, I’m not sure you can get the stream feed (only web URL access) from Nest cams, only dropcams

I was thinking of using the web URL to continuously upload to a NAS is there a way I can do this

I believe IP Camera Viewer can do it:

so it must be possible.

Blue Iris software recently added support for NEST CAM. It can be used to record videos and store on your NAS or google deive or anywhere else that you want to.

IPCam Viewer only has the option to view, not record Nest/Drop cams, according to their compatibility website.

I would think you could do it through browser screen recorder though.

I just tested it and yes using Video Downloadhelper+ addon for FireFox screen record function you can record to NAS.

I use it with mine. I suspect I am either grandfathered in or it is unadvertised to get around Nest’s API terms of use not allowing more than seven days of storage. Or it could be “not compatible” because the resolution and frame rate is not as good as Nest cloud version.

With Blue Iris and Nest, you should know that you have to make your cameras public to be able to use them with the software.

I will have a look at that, Thanks

Would you think that there could be a way to record without having a computer on, I want to only have the NAS on at night.
If there is, what NAS would work best.

The only way to record to NAS without a computer is if the camera itself has the ability to record to it. The " cheap" Foscam IP cameras have that software built it. The " expensive" Drop/Nest, Canary, etc do not. They want your subscription fee, so require you to use their cloud ,unless you do a work-around from another device.

You could use an old computer as a NAS, that would give you what you are looking for I believe.

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Hey, looking for an outdoor ip car I can view remotely as well as store video locally. I think the nest is where I may land.

Can someone give me more info in getting the nest to store locally / turn an old computer into a NAS server ?

The only one of those requirements that Nest meets is the remote monitoring. There is no local access to the Nest at all, the only integration even with 3rd party apps is via the Google cloud. If you want local, Nest is the last place to be looking.

Nest outdoor is the one I meant

Rather than an old computer I would just get a low power dongle PC like an Intel compute stick.

If you’re concerned about the power draw of a full sized computer, you could look into getting something like a RaspberryPi or Asus Tinkerboard, and configuring that to host a NAS server.
They are both Debian based machines and their power draw is pretty minimal.

If its outside then dump the Nest and get a Hikvision DS-2CD2335FWD-I/G
excellent night vision with many detection methods, on board storage, solid tablet, Pc, phone apps
No integration into St which is how it should be

No idea about inside cams