Ubiquiti NVR and POE Cams

I know this has been brought up before and is “planned” but Ubiquiti offers both RTSP and H.264 if you have the cameras connected to the NVR. Assuming support for these cameras is added at some point is there any hope that local storage can be supported with the ST integration.

I realize that this would offer a way to bypass the cloud subscription but it would be a great feature for the small % that have multiple cameras that they would like to monitor without uploading all the video to the cloud, and imo would make ST one of the best security systems.

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Have you every tried pursuing Blue IRIS NVR software? It is a very powerful software and can integrate over 1000 different network cameras from different manufacturers. I have mine set up to where it records video clips on motion and uploads the clips to google drive. I get 15 GB free storage on google drive and can access my clips from anywhere. I also have Blue IRIS integrated with ST, where I can set recording preferences based on modes in SmartThings. Ex: Record indoor cameras on motion only when in “Away” or “Vacation” mode. Or reduce motion sensitivity of outdoor cameras in “Party” Mode etc…