Old Minimote, new app (June 2021)

I know there are many topics discussing minimote, but little regarding the latest app changes (June 2021). With the iOS app, I can see that the buttons are pressed correctly, but the associated child automations don’t execute (or don’t execute correctly). Is there any viable pathway to get this working, or should I cut my loses and give up on this old (but useful) device?

I use my Minimotes with Smart Lighting Routines and a little tweak of the child button device handler in the IDE to make the button presses run ‘local’. But, using Smart Lighting Routines instead of Automations only ‘toggles’ the devices configured. So, when I press the button the first time, nothing might happen, but a second press of the button activates the Smart Lighting Routine.

For ‘local’ execution of button presses in Smart Lighting, this is what I did back in February. The strange thing is, if I setup an Automation to do the exact same Smart Lighting actions, it doesn’t run ‘local’.

Mine still works when using the new app. The thing that’s screwed up is that I can no longer modify the automations that were created with the quick controls on the device page. I would exclude it and re-add it. Then create the automations on the device page using the quick controls.

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Will minimizes still work when groovy goes away?

They should work with the new Edge drivers just fine.