Attaching smart sensor

(Jim) #1

My sticky strip failed on my garage door - has anyone else needed to replace? What did you use?

(Hank) #2

I just used double stick tape. Works great.

(Jim Beletti) #3

Some have used 3M Trim Tape. I’ve used it for other things. Get it at most auto parts stores. It comes in 1/2" and 3/4" widths. Maybe you can find it in 1/4" width. If not, trim it down with a razor knife.

(Jim) #4

Thanks for the suggestion Jim - I’ll give it a try!

(Eric) #5

Yeah, one of mine fell off too. I second the suggestion to use the 3M Automotive Trim Tape. I think that may be what SmartThings uses. It comes in several widths. I was able to use a much wider piece on my Multi-Sensor (used as a door sensor) . . . I am hoping that will hold better/last longer.