Solid Red Light On SmartThings WiFi Hub

We have been having a problem with the SmartThings WiFi going Solid Red but we still have internet? I’m not sure why it’s going Red every so often?

This may help…

Correction: The above article is is good information for SmartThings hubs - other than the WiFi hub, which is what the OP asked about. See the correct response below.

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I would try testing your power connection to make sure the device is connected properly and there is not a weak connection. Removing the power cord will soft reboot the device, which could also address the symptom you’re are experiencing.

Additionally, I would try a different outlet as you know outlets can go out over time so it would be best to confirm functionality of the outlet is not the culprit.

If the symptom persist and you are still able to connect your other devices to WiFi, I would recommend reaching out to remote support.

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Neither of those posts is correct. The model number matters. IWBNI Samsung used colors consistently across the hub models but they didn’t. Be sure your answer applies to what the OP is asking about.

Solid red on the Samsung WiFi hub means the internet is unavailable.

I did indeed miss that the article I posted in my response did not include information Samsung WiFi Hub - nor did it mention anything about a solid red LED. My bad.

I’ve added a correction to my post that links to yours.

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Thanks for the replies I appreciate all your time!

@SamsungZell We just load tested the outlet & no issues. We thought it was hooked to a battery backup but it was temporarily hooked to an outlet.

@HalD I looked at that article before starting this post. :slight_smile: We still have Internet when it’s red. So I don’t think that is the issue?

Sometimes we lose connection to Locks and Switches as well so was thinking this might be the issue?

Do you have Internet via devices that are using the mesh?

Or only things connected via Ethernet to whatever device connects to your ISP (cable modem/router, DSL modem/router… whatever you’re using)?

Does it stay red for extended periods? Any chance the Ethernet cable between the Samsung device and your router is damaged or not seated at both ends?

@HalD Yes, I do have internet via the devices that are on the mesh system.

I haven’t timed it but it stays red for short or longer periods of time it’s random really.

The ethernet cable is the one that came with the WiFi Hub so it’s brand new. Yes, the ethernet connector is seated properly.

I have 6 WiFi Hubs & AT&T Modem/Router.


I’ve got an eero mesh system so don’t know the Samsung ones in detail.

It seems like it’s testing something to determine if it has connectivity and is getting random failures.

Might be worth a call to support. There’s probably some diagnostic info on the device(s) that they can access.