Soffit rgbw strip lighting advice (UK)

Great thread! I learned a lot by reading this.

Question: can the fibaro controller work with the philips hue hub? can i add this to my existing hue setup?

Unfortunately not on its own
The hue bridge is not a full home automation controller and uses the Zigbee protocol rather than Z-wave which the Fibaro uses.
We are using the smartthings hub to control these which is capable of both protocols.

thanks for the thread
i have read and tried this maybe im missing something
but i can not figure out how to get the rgbw to set a colour when motion is detected
what i want is button/motion to turn on lights whith whichever colour i set for that time of day
or alternativley
button to sett normally white and a routine called bathtime to set a colour at a preset level

any clues fellas ?

You are a little bit vague Gareth, when you say button do you mean a button in St like a virtual switch or do you mean a real physical button ??

If you can give us the use case scenario maybe we can understand what you see as the obvious, i just cant get my hear round what you want need

I have the controller and a physical button or a motion sensor. Ie:not virtual.
But when it triggers or is pressed it will not set the colour.

Ideally what I want is to have white when motion or button is pressed.
And a routine to set it as colour.

Hope this helps

if you just want the RGBW to respond to a switch and give you a certain colour then you can try this smartapp:

and in case you need help installing, have a look here:

An alternative would be to use webcore:

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ta i had just installed that code, so will play now and see what i can achieve


This app was written to use the following DHT for the Fibaro.

yep alredy playing with that
just needed it to trigger colours when a switch or motion was senced.
time to play :wink:

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There are a couple of apps I have written for the Fibaro using this DTH.
Have a look here when you have finished playing with that one :slight_smile:

i think i have intalled all of yours now. but simple steps first. routine for the good ladies bathtime would be good, them i can kit out the kids bedrooms etc etc etc ooo will the fun ever stop :wink:

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I hadn’t thought about Kids’ bedrooms…

I wonder if I could write one to dim over a period of time… i.e start at one level of brightness then dim and finally off over a few minutes…
That might be fun :slight_smile:

i like the idea of a on when they walk in, then dim down to turn off when it is sleeping time
i have them set to go off on the main bulb at a certain time but a wind down would be great
or alternatively a “WAKE” up when it gets to a set time, set police flashing or storm lol

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I have something similar I wrote for my Kitchen lights (not fibaro)
When you walk into the room they are on 100% and the plinth white leds come on…
After motion stops the plinth lights go off but the Hue bulbs go down to 20% to give a warm glow :slight_smile:

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The fun stops when you try to add a new lighting routine whilst the mrs is yapping at you… you accidentally hit "remove " at the bottom in red and then in a panick to save your complicated routines hit “remove” again in the confirmation box !!! :sob::sob:


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qu: this app doesnt show all of my switchs or contacts ?
i have a zwave door switch but it doesn’t show up ?

Gareth did you get this working for you?
Which switches/contacts don’t show up and in which section/app?

Apologies for going off topic, but has anybody tried using the Fibaro RGBW module on the Hue extension strip. I have a spare 2m extension strip and this might be a way to utilise it.

Hi @Cobra

I believe that I have successfully installed the DTH, but I am not 100% sure. Is there anyway to check this?

I followed the instructions on this link , but I am not confident about “Part Three” step “4”
When I select from the drop down menu, there are 2 options with the exact same name.

In my ST app, I now see these options

which i believe (but i am not sure) were not there before.

Is there any way to check if I have done this correctly?

The fibaro should be able to use any RGBW strip providing the voltage is 12-24v dc if you can connect it
You might need to swap,wires around to get the colours to match

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