So frustrated - So much potential, but just not reliable. Any plans to fix in the future?

(Nick) #1

First off, let me say how much I enjoy the smart thing dev platform. It’s well thought out, and so easy to code in.

BUT I’m getting so extremely frustrated with it not being reliable. I need something that works! consistently! The issues that have pop’d up in this last week or so:

  1. I had an app that would turn on and off my outside lights X minutes before and after sunrise. A month ago that stopped worked. I did some troubleshooting and found out that the ‘sunriseTime’ and ‘sunsetTime’ calls were always thinking it was Feb 12th! Even in mid March.

I did the fixes suggested ever so timely (Thanks for the fast response! It was much appreciated! :slight_smile: here, to no luck. So instead added ‘Fallback’ times, to make sure the lights are turned and off by 8 PM and 9 AM. But here it is 10 AM and my lights are still on. So now even that fallback code doesn’t seem to be working.

  1. Then last week had to troubleshoot why my Philips Hue bulbs weren’t responding. Ended up just reinstalling the Hue app, and painfully going in to all my apps that used those lights and removing and re-adding. But hey, that’s only happened once/life happens.

But then the exact same issue pop’d up this weekend, and go back to the Hue app, and it no longer sees my bridge, and can’t discover it!

SO FRUSTRATING. I just want something that works reliability. I don’t want to be spending my free time troubleshooting why my setup isn’t working. Are there any plans to improve reliability? (If it helps, I’m using a V1 smarthub)

Thanks for listening, and thanks for your time,

(Stuart Buchanan) #2

i’m pretty sure that i can speak on behalf of the ST team and state that they have lots of plans, some of which we have seen implemented recently (new Ticker) but time will tell what those plans bring…either the utopia we’ve all been after or new issues?