So Completely Clueless: New to Smart Things and A19 Sengled Bulbs

I just put 3 Connect Home hubs in my home. They are connected. The Smart Things part is connected (or so it appears). I put 6 A 19 Sengled bulbs in my bathroom…all in the same fixture. One of the bulbs constantly says ‘checking status’ and when I click on it, it says there’s a server error or something. None of the bulbs respond to the app when I flip the switch or try to use the dimmer. I went to the Smart Things page and Googled hoping to find screenshots of the set up process to find out what’s wrong, but even then…the directions they give don’t even match what I see on my screen. For instance, it says, "Go to ‘My Home’ and then go to ‘Things’, and ‘Add Things’. There are no tabs that say that. There is a tab that says ‘Home’. There is a section labeled ‘Devices’. There is another section that says, ‘Add Devices’. I really need some hand holding here. I need to language to be the same and I need screen shots of the process. Where can I find those.

I have reset the bulbs several times by switching the lights on and off 10 times and they blink in response, but I don’t see any difference is response from the app. The only way I can currently control them is by flipping the switch on and off on the wall. HELP!


There are two different apps, the Samsung connect app and the Samsung SmartThings app and they have completely different screens. :disappointed_relieved:

Most people in this forum are using the SmartThings app, so I’m not sure if you’re going to get specific answers right away. The Samsung connect is a really new system and there just aren’t that many people who are familiar with it.

I would suggest going ahead and getting in touch with SmartThings support. They are usually very helpful and they should be able to walk you through the process.

In addition to what JD said, don’t use smart bulbs on a dimming switch. They don’t respond to commands when turned off because when you cut power at the switch there is no longer power for the wireless radio inside the bulb to communicate.

I don’t have the bulbs on a dimming switch. I downloaded the Smart Things App and was able to set everything up fine…including Alexa commands. In the Connect Home instructions that came with the hubs, it only talks about the Connect Home App, but the Smart Things App is much more user friendly. So for now, I am set. I have a few more questions about settings up certain things, but I might be able o work those out on my own with a little practice. Thanks!

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