Snooze mode

I’m using the “gentle wake-up” app along with a couple of routines for waking up in the morning during the week. One is set up for me to get up with the kids and to go to work, the other is set up for my wife to get up with the baby a couple of hours later.

I have it set to run a Monday thru Friday routine and then a weekend routine.

Well, sometimes I don’t want to get up when the lights come on. Sometimes I just want to sleep in late on a Saturday morning.

Is the any way to make the app not run? Or to delay for a couple of hours? Kind of like a snooze button?

Possibly just a way to shut it off without having to delete the app or actually change the app.

I’d like to just tell Alexa to shut up and let me sleep and she snoozes the ST routine?.

Yes, a snooze mode would be great. I’ve been looking for something like that for awhile now. Someone suggested switching into a different mode like a “Guest mode” that would stop apps from running but that can get complicated depending on how many apps you have going. Right now for me, “Guest mode” is basically an “All Off” mode where nothing runs automatically.

That’s definitely a work around. Maybe a virtual switch for Alexa to flip…

I think this might come down to a very complex logic issue.

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Instead of changing your primary mode, I’m pretty sure you could add a virtual presence sensor as a kind of supplementary mode.

So your wake up app would be set to run with all the usual restrictions plus “regular day” presence being “home” and then you just set that particular presence to “away” and the app wouldn’t run.

That way you don’t have to change any of your other mode-dependent smartapps. Just add the simulated presence sensor to the specific smartapp you want to turn on and off.

But maybe I’m wrong on this. @slagle or @joshua_lyon one of the other code wizards should know. :sunglasses:

According to the following thread, if you make your virtual device both a switch and a present sensor, you’ll be able to toggle it. At that point you should be able to get echo control as well, (although it’s possible you’ll need a second virtual switch which does nothing but toggle the one which is the simulated present sensor, if echo won’t discover the first one. )