Text notification not working

Hey everyone. Got my new V3 hub all set up. Under security I have text notification set up but it’s not triggering the text. I’ve tried adding the number 12345678900 2345678900 and 1-234-567-8900 and none of these are working.

Anyone have any ideas why it might not be firing? Security mode is currently set to armed stay so any open/close event should trigger it. When I enable push I do get the push notification.

What country are you in? Did you ever get an initial text to opt-in?


I’m in the US. No opt in text. But I don’t think I remember ever getting an opt in on the old hub.

You can try opting in…

UPDATE 9/26/2019: We have completed the aforementioned changes to our SMS service. US users may now opt in at any time by texting YES to 844-647 for each phone number set up to receive SMS.

I should also note that they implemented rate limits for SMS…

Rate Limits - You can receive a maximum of 100 messages per phone number, per configuration, per day (12:00:00am-11:59:59pm). Some of your SmartApps may be approaching this level. Review your settings to ensure your SMS messages are not affected by the limits.


Brilliant! I did the opt in and immediately got a text back. I’ll give her a test when I get home this evening but feel pretty confident this will have done the trick.

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