Smoke Testing

So I have a plumber over to do some work for me and he was using his blowtorch and it set off all sorts of bells and whistles! This was the first real “smoke” event since I’ve put in my SimpliSafe and Nest Protects in my home. Originally, I had SimpliSafe Smoke Alarms when we moved in, but recently, I did an extension where I was required to put in Smoke/CO in every bedroom that were hard wired and interconnected, so I went with Nest Protects. Here’s are my results:

  1. Nest Protects - These were the first to go off. 2 of them were triggered, but since they were all interconnected, they all started going off. I was able to silence them through the Nest app. Grade A+.

  2. SimpliSafe Smoke Alarms - These took a little longer to kick in then the protects, but once they kicked in, I immediately got a call from central dispatch. Overall, nice job. Grade: A:

  3. Nest Manager: Nice job @tonesto7! They all reported properly. Grade: A+

  4. SHM: For some strange reason, I only got 1 out of my 2 nest protects push notifications. It could have been a timing thing but I did see in the Nest Protect device types activity log smoke detected in both. I also didn’t get a notification from my SimpliSafe smoke detector. Updated: SHM is only supposed to alert once. Grade: A+

  5. Works with Nest: I have my Hue’s configured to use warning lights when my Protects are in an alarm state and my Rachio is supposed to set off sprinklers. Neither happened. There is no log for me to even look at and as the connections still look active in the Nest app. I don’t recall doing any special confifgurations as I believe they were just set and forget. Anyone have any experience with these?? Grade: F

  6. SimpliSafe Alarm - I use the smartapp/device type by @tobycth3 and according to the logs it properly detected smoke. Grade: A+

So there you have it!


I believe SHM will only trigger on the first event. Same goes for intrusion detection.

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Hmmm…if that’s the case, then it behaved as expected. @slagle?

Yep, only one notification initially, with reminder notifications every hour until you dismiss it.

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I have 7 smoke detectors, I would hate to clear 7 of them. The current state should report correctly. Are you going to upgrade the D grade?

Glad you got to ‘test’ it out. We (@E_Sch, @tonesto7 and I) had to make some changes recently to make sure it worked with SHM. Its nice to get real feedback.

Are your Hues set up through ST or Hue? I have mine through ST to turn on (well all lights turn on in an Emergency). I am also a little disappointed you sprinklers did not fire. Maybe @franzgarsombke has some insight (like a delay?)

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My hues are setup both with a Hue hub and in ST but I don’t have any specific things setup in ST for these events. I like to rely on native tasks when I can. I updated my grade report. Everything worked great except Works with Nest stuff.

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