First Alert Combo SmartThings test

Bought a first alert combo to try to get notification if there was any smoke or CO event. Got it today and had no trouble getting SmartThings to recognize it, show me the battery level, and that it was “clean”. The first thing I did was set up an event to notify me if there was a smoke event. Next I of course attempted to verify it was working so burned a candle over if for a while. The smoke alarm went off no problem, but nothing ever showed in SmartThings. Just read as “clean”. No events were created, nothing. Hit the Test button which worked as well, and SmartThings did register this as an event. Tried my smoke test again, same results. Any thoughts?

Can you post screenshots of the rule you set up to have it notify you?

Sure! Thanks for the help. I was testing the ability to not only notify me, but also turn off a plug for my 3D printer. Attached is the rule and the history showing no events except test events even though I triggered it with smoke twice.

hm I tried a quick smoke test and got the same result, it didn’t sound off and didn’t log. My smoke source is not so good, so I’ll try some incense later. Manual test did log.

Maybe they’re junk for this purpose. Better not be the only heat/smoke/CO detector anyway.