Smoke Detector

I have a Nest Protect and I’m hoping Nest Protect will “officially” publish their API so I can use the motion detection, let alone integrate it with ST.

In the mean time the First Alert unit is a great bargain:

so I purchased a couple. However, I was disappointed to find out the ST cannot trigger an alarm. I would like to trigger all the smoke alarms when one goes off. I am able to trigger my FortrezZ siren:

Is this a limitation of the First Alert smoke detector or SmartThings?

@beckwith It is a limitation with the siren itself. It is a super duper sleepy device and only really wakes up when there is an alarm. They did that to make the batteries last a wicked long time.


That makes sense. Now that I think about it, it probably makes more sense to use Sonos to state which alarm is active. Otherwise, it could be more confusing which detector is tripped.

I know you can configure a Damage & Danger alarm to turn on the siren. Can you do the same with Sonos? More specifically, can it trigger Sonos to repeat “Smoke in kitchen” while smoke is present, not just one time? That would be real useful!

There is a Nest Protect device type created by NickHBailey.

NickHBailey’s project successfully logs into Nest Protect, but no one has moved it past that.

From what I understand, the API is only available to beta testers who are not allow to disclose it.