Smoke Detector Alarm Stop/Hold

I am wondering if there is a way to either have the smartthings app (or a smartapp) stop the siren on my smoke detector if i ask it to. The other option would to be able to put the detector on “hold” so it wont go off in the first place while cooking.

No way to do that on the First Alert detectors, or any other one that I know of.

There’s no way to do that, plus I would think the manufacturer wouldn’t want you to do that in case you forgot to remove any hold condition.

All the detectors do is report their current state and battery, you don’t have any control over them. Remember, these need to be able to function on their own, without reliance on a hub of any kind.

I recommend you stop burning dinner :slight_smile:

The Nest Protect used to have a “wave to dismiss” feature but they disabled it due to safety issues. They promised for a while to fix the issue and re-enable but they never have. They did just add a “dismiss from app” option but it requires a 2nd gen device and I only have 1 2nd gen my other 4 are gen 1.

But it only allows you to silence after it goes off.

Perhaps your smoke detector is too close to your Kitchen ?
Perhaps you need a good vent for cooking ?

Just putting out some other ideas for you.

Here are some more ideas.

This article says modern smoke detectors have a disable for 15-20 option. So maybe shop around a bit.

To be fair, it was my girlfriend. Well it was actually something that dripped in the oven. But maybe it’s just in a bad spot, to much in the kitchen. Do people normally not have one in the kitchen, I mean it is a likely place for a fire or gas leak.
All I really want to do is silence it after it goes off, using my phone instead of the button on the device, as it’s in a 14+ foot ceiling.

Then the Nest Protect is perfect. Make sure you get a new gen2 model and you will get an alert on your phone when it goes off and you can dismiss from the app.

If it only goes off in situations like you state (drippings in oven making smoke) then I wouldn’t worry about location. If it goes off every time you cook (right over the stove) then I would move it.

I have one in the kitchen, but it’s not gone off while we’re cooking. We use our hood fan all the time, and both ovens. It’s placed 9’ high, close to an entry/exit of the kitchen, and in between the stove/oven and our wall oven:

I have a bunch of the first alert ones and have one near the kitchen but not directly in it. My old detector would constantly go off while cooking, these first alert ones do a good job distinguishing between burning smoke and cooking fumes etc. I haven’t had them go off falsely yet. I do wish I had a way to silence them if it does go off with my phone but never saw that option.

Can the nest be integrated into the smartthings ecosystem?

Let me rephrase. I know there is a device type for the nest protect, are you using it with smartthign? Does it have the dismiss alarm through smartthings?

Mine don’t report battery frequently. Yours do? It makes me nervous they don’t have anything in their feeds for long periods of time until I do a test alarm with them. Mine just say clear all the time.

Yup, mine report battery, but only if there’s a change. Since events are only saved for 7 days, you may not see anything in the event log (and the Recently tab), but the device in the app should show current battery level.

I don’t know I would never want my spoke detector dismissed in an automated fashion. I guess maybe being able to ask the echo “Alexa, turn off smoke detector” would be interesting but with the state of SmartThings I don’t want ST involved with any safety system.