Smoke Detector false alarm!

I just got an alert for one of my smoke detectors. My wife was nearby and ran home to check on things and I searched through the event history to see what was going on. There was no problem when she arrived.

Although the dashboard showed a Smoke Detected alert, the history for the smoke detector itself showed this:

2017-04-06 12:53:47.116 PM PDT
9 minutes ago DEVICE alarmState clear Downstairs Smoke Alarm smoke is clear

Nothing in the history showed smoke detected. Why would a clear event trigger an alert? I actually don’t even see an alert for today in the Smart Home Monitory history…

Might it be a bug in the new firmware?

“On Thursday, April 6, between 12:00 pm EDT and 4:00 pm EDT, we will automatically update your SmartThings Hub to the latest firmware (version 17.12).”

Now I got an alert for the Upstairs smoke detector too. Same, thing. There was a Clear event at the same time.

I had this happen just 30 mins ago to me, same thing there was a clear event seems to be a false alarm issue with the new firmware, I’ve had three fire alarms connected for over a year and have never had this problem before. I have two dogs locked up at home after putting my oldest one down this past weekend, this freaked me the F out. Please resolve this issue SmartThings!

What type of smoke detectors do you have? I have First Alert zsmoke and zcombo units at home, didn’t see a smoke alert when my hub firmware updated yesterday.

First alert. It happened with both of mine, about 10 minutes apart. Very disturbing.

You can contract support for more info. I don’t find it’s disturbing if they gave you a time frame for firmware update and devices acting weird in that time frame. It would be if it was outside that time frame. I have 5 of the First Alert combo detectors and one did have issue during the upgrade but I didn’t panic because I expected things could act funny during that time.

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Both my first alerts just fired. Since I am sitting in the house not looking at flames, and I recall that there were updates afoot, I shrugged it off. Haven’t had a false fire in more than a year.

If you have this problem, definitely report any false alarms to support.

I was vaguely aware there was a firmware update coming, but when I saw the smoke alarm, it certainly wasn’t the first thing I thought. It’s not like a light turning on or even a motion sensor firing. I would expect they’d test it thoroughly.

By the time I started poking around in the event history I had remembered the firmware update and wasn’t too worried anymore, but I still found the experience disturbing.

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That’s understandable and maybe give feedback to support on this as well.

It happened to me too. ST sent a notification of smoke detected by one of the smoke detectors, and of course no one is at home. Fortunately I do have surveillance cameras, including a couple that pick up audio. There was no audible alarm coming from the smoke detectors. In the app, the Dashboard wouldn’t load, but looking at “My Home” the status for both smoke detectors showed clear.

I chatted with support and the tech confirmed that the devices weren’t in alarm. He indicated that there was an ongoing problem with the Smart Home Monitor server, and that he thought it likely the alert was caused by that problem.

I got a smoke alert last night at 0339 that cleared by 0339. The smoke alarm never beeped just the smart hub. What causes this?