Random "smoke" alert from SHM

I’ve now gotten a couple of these - one from each of my First Alert Smoke/CO detectors on each floor - when SHM raises a notification for a Smoke Detected event and claims to have triggered the alams (in my case turning on all lights in the house) and yet there being neither Smoke, or the Alarm, or the Smoke detector actually making any sound at all - since both alerts happened when I was home. Anyone else seeing these phantom events?

Weirdly, looks like the smoke detector fired a “clear” event - these are the events in the device log

2016-01-14 6:02:12.221 PM PST 16 hours ago     DEVICE         battery     95         Upstairs battery is 95%
2016-01-14 6:02:11.290 PM PST 16 hours ago     DEVICE         alarmState     clear         Upstairs smoke is clear 

The “clear” event generated a SHM SMOKE! Alert. Looks like a bug in SHM

fea0d850-bb2b-11e5-8991-22000bb68ae6     2016-01-14 6:02:13.461 PM PST - 16 hours ago     APP     true     Smoke detected by the Upstairs

I’ve had fantom smoke alerts in shm it attributed to my first alerts yes. Did not dig in to get that detail, but I suspect the same.