Disable smoke/co alarm?

Is there a smoke/co detector that you can disable the alarm from smarthings when you are cooking?

I don’t think that would be a good design idea; so doubt any can.

I believe the Nest Protect you can silence by waving under it - but not disable it in the first place.


Agreed. I doubt any smoke alarm that allowed the consumer to manually disable the alarm preemptively (as opposed to silencing after the alarm goes off) would get UL or other safety listings.

You are absolutely right that there is a serious safety consideration with this. However, there is also understanding if the alarm is going off and you know it’s not a real safety issue, it is safer in the long run if there is an option on the device to easily silence it for a short period of time, typically 10 or 15 minutes, and then have it automatically come back on, rather than have the consumer be tempted to remove it from power all together. This is typically called a “hush” feature.

Not all alerts can be hushed

There is a threshold limit as well, so that you will not be able to hush the alarm if the smoke detected is above a certain level. If it’s just burnt toast or something you may have to clear some of the smoke from the kitchen before you can silence the alarm.

Hush is a popular feature in the US

So most residential smoke detectors made in the US now have this feature and are indeed UL listed. This includes the zcombo that is directly compatible with smartthings and the nest protect which isn’t officially compatible with SmartThings.

Most of the devices require that you physically push a button on the alarm to put it into hush mode. The zcombo is one of these.

Hush from an app–but not the SmartThings app

The nest protect is unusual in that you can put it into hush mode from the phone app. Note, however, that this is just a temporary silencing, the detector will automatically revert to active status after a fixed length of time. ( also there is no official integration with smart things, I’m just mentioning the nest as an example of a smoke detector which does have an app option.)


As someone who is in a wheelchair, I am very aware of the convenience of this feature. So I pay pretty close attention to which devices have it. :wink:

The IR Alternative

It used to be that you could temporarily hush some models just by using the regular TV IR remote, but the manufacturers found it these tended to have lots of false alarms because use of other remotes would just randomly set them off, so most manufacturers no longer offer that option.

But regardless of the method, you can’t schedule a hush in advance

For the safety reasons that you mentioned, I am not aware of any residential smoke detectors in the US that will allow you to program A hush activation. They want a person to be making an intentional decision to temporarily disable the alarm. So toggling through the app, OK. Scheduling it to go into hush mode, usually not OK. But again, I don’t know of any that offer this feature through SmartThings.

with newer smoke detectors, you may not need the hush as much

There are three different kinds of smoke alarms: ionization, photo electric, and a combination of these two. Ionization alarms are very easily triggered by grease particles in the air or even steam from the shower, and these are the ones that typically had a lot of false alarms while people were cooking.

Smoke detectors manufactured for the US in the last four or five years are almost all either photo electric or combination, and will probably have very many fewer false alarms for just regular cooking. You will see this listed as a feature in the product descriptions. So this is much less of a problem than it used to be.

If for accessibility reasons, such as in my case, you do require a smoke alarm where you can silence a false alert without having to get to the device itself, then you need to look for one that either has a remote or something like the nest protects which has an app feature. :sunglasses:

Does this only show when the " Heads up smoke is in the ______ room" is going off ? I’ve never noticed it in the Nest app. It would have come in handy last month when I made too many disparaging comments about Google and had false alarms on my bedroom Nest 3 nights in a row about 3am.

I don’t know the details, sorry. My house has one of the older First Alert ones that has a remote. But I have a couple of friends in wheelchairs who put in the nest protect so they would have the app option.

Speaking from experience, you cannot always hush the Nest Protect.

Hush mode only works in warning mode, but as soon as it hits emergency it will sound.

I guess I used the wrong verbage when asking my question. I am looking for a Smarthings integraded combo smoke/co detector that I can silence when I am cooking. I do not want to disable just silence when I am cooking. Sometimes when we are cooking Stir Fry or other items that create too much smoke for the ventilation system it would be nice to be able to silence the alarm.

thank you


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not from Smartthings.

you can use a long stick or a Colt45

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