Smartwings zigbee roller shade open/closed status reversed in SmartThings app

I installed 13 Smartwings motorized roller shades (zigbee, battery-powered) back in early April in my new home. All are connected to an Aeotech Smart Home hub and are controlled with SmartThings. For over two months they all worked flawlessly. I had a few zigbee network issues early on, but purchased a few Ikea smart plugs to strengthen my network, and everything has worked perfectly since then.

Earlier this week (sometime around June 27th, 2023), all 13 suddenly revered their open/closed status. So when they are open, they register as closed, and vice versa. This broke all of my automations, which is the only reason I noticed. Unfortunately there is no native SmartWings app or interface, so I am unaware of anyway to determine if the issue is on the SmartWings or SmartThings side of the integration. There is also no option in the SmartThings app to reverse the open/closed status. In terms of troubleshooting, I have tried to delete and re-add the device to SmartThings, but the issue persisted.

It appears as though they are using a new edge driver:

  • Name: Zigbee Window Treatment
  • Description: SmartThings driver for Zigbee window treatment devices)
  • Developer: SmartThings
  • Support Information:
  • Version: 2023-06-13T18:57:36:061164804

Has any experienced a similar issue with Smartwings or any other zigbee window treatment connected to SmartThings? Any suggestions for possible solutions?

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Take a look at this topic.

Thank you for your help! That solved my problem.

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Hey, I have the exact problem but with 22 shades! Fml.
I tried installing the driver to the hub and then re installed a shade but the same problem remains. The driver of the shade still shows the 613T.

Any tips?

Hi Phil - sorry for the slow response. Are you using smartwings roller shades or another brand / model? The driver recommended by Bruce solved my problem for smartwings roller shades, and it has not reoccurred.