SmartWeather Station Tile updates only every three hours

I have a SmartWeather Station Tile that is working but updates only every three hours, which is nearly useless since the temperature varies widely in that time. I want to simply display the current temperature from a local Weather Underground station on my ActionTiles dashboard. I look in the Smartthings history for the device and see that updates occur exactly every three hours and that there is no control to chagne that frequency. Questions:

  1. Is SmartWeather Station Tile still supported?
  2. Is there a way to change the update frequency? If not, should I submit a ticket to request an update frequency feature?
  3. Is there an alternative way to accomplish this?

Take a look at:

Got it all working. I must admit figuring out the URL was a challenge. Weather Underground is actually and only V2 works, not V3. Had to create a Weather Underground account and register a fake PWS to get an apiKey generated. Now to create an ActionTiles tile. Fingers crossed…

So… Item 3 (Alternative way to accomplish this) has been addressed. Still looking for answers as to whether the SmartWeather Station tile is still supported.

did you get this figured out? i have a WS with a WU apikey and would love to have it’s data in action tiles

yeah i saw that, was hoping there would be native support for the very common pws system like before, was hoping @smcvey had figured something out

I am using the @TAustin edge driver successfully. I can get a temperature on one tile and humidity on another. Not nearly as rich as the SmartWeather Station Tile, but functional. It’s a bit complex to set up and requires an always-on server on another computer, but allows me to access data from a Wunderground station across the street on a better frequency. I update every 10 minutes.