New Weather Tile

How are weather tiles created now that Groovy is depreciated and there are no smart weather apps? Tryng to create the current temp tile.

Yet another weather driver (but for Edge!)

For just current temp, there is a mini-tile that can be displayed on the Favorites page. Click on the 3 dot menu on the Favorites page and select “Show Status Information”.

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Maybe I should have been more specific. I’m trying to create a Weather Station Device to use on actiontiles.

Without a Edge Bridge Server

I far as I know it can’t currently be done without a Bridge Server. Hopefully that will change.

Maybe this whole edge driver platform is beyond my capabilities. I thought that I would give it a try (because my family utilize the current temp to see conditions outside) on a Lan pc in the residence. Smart App were easy to setup in the beginning!

So after setting up the weather driver with and initially getting the current temp; I have now run into a problem where the values don’t auto refresh. In a broad sense, are the other settings to complete on another file to get updating data to be received?

I would suggest changing your weather source to Open Weather or Weather Underground to see if they work better. In addition they are better sources.

Another option is to buy an outdoor temperature sensor that is compatible with ST. Or if you have a sheltered area you could even use an indoor sensor.