The state of Weather, PWS, and SmartThings? (Jan 2019)

I have a PWS (Personal Weather Station) on my house the uploads data to WU (WeatherUnderground). In the past I have used my station ID with ‘SmartWeather Station Tile’ to get that data to SmartThings. I have recently purchased ActionTiles and was also using the data from my PWS via ‘SmartWeather Station Tile’ to display the data on ActionTiles. I saw the post about the Weather Underground API, but that seems to leave me with more questions than answers. Yesterday the Temp readings on ‘SmartWeather Station Tile’ got stuck (not shocked). I had recently started playing with ‘SmartWeather Station Tile 2.0’ - this app seems to still be pulling data just fine from my PWS. So for now I’ve started using the 2.0 app for my ActionTiles display, but I really liked the layout of of the regular SmartWeather Station Tile app on ActionTiles more. A few questions:

  1. Why is the 2.0 app still working?
  2. Will it continue to work?
  3. Are there any plans or workarounds to getting your PWS data via your station ID working with the original SmartWeather Station Tile app?

Sadly I never signed up for for an API key because I never needed one, so I don’t have one.

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@625alex has been working with SmartThings on this issue.

Our Tracking Thread:

thank you. I did see that post, as well as the SmartThings post, but was hoping I missed something somewhere since it says:

We are investigating; but are currently not optimistic that there will be an expedient solution.

Thank you for your product, work, and support!

I should remove that line, 'cuz we became more optimistic this morning.

@Brad_ST is the bomb! :raised_hands:


Yay! But for me the issue wasn’t that the icons were gone, but that the temp reading was ‘stuck’ …

We’ve experienced that too… But presume it is a one-time thing. We’re not proposing a work-around or assuming anything until we’ve fixed… everything. :smirk:.

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Thanks, I will wait patiently. :grin:

Weather Nerd. :joy:

My temperature also got stack. I added another stock SmartWeather Station Tile and it now picks up current and correct data. At this moment I don’t know if there’s a way to automate this.


was wondering why no more icons suddenly! subscribed for updates!

I added another stock SmartWeather Station Tile and it now picks up current and correct data.

You are getting the correct data from your PWS ID? Or just zip code?

I am only getting data with zip and no data with PWS as well. Playing around I went back to zip so it would be more accurate, then I switched from zip to pws at 9:50a in the screenshot below and tried to pull fresh data… you can see the poll was successful but got no data:

same. i’m just using the SmartWeather Station Tile 2.0 for the time being. wish there was a way to make it show all the stuff that the original SmartWeather Station Tile did on ActionTiles…

ActionTiles’s compatibility with the standard Smart Weather Station Device has been fixed as of a hotfix released yesterday.

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but that would only work via zip code correct? the standard Smart Weather Station Device set up with my PWS ID is still stuck on the same temp it was when it broke - even on the smartthings app. I’m guessing with the whole API mess we won’t see a fix for that.

Darn… Perhaps ST did not completely restore their own functionality.

Try removing and re-adding the device instance?

I added a new device using stock smart weather tile and PWS still not working.
I opened a ticket with ST. Will see what they say.

thanks, that un-stuck it, but it appears to be pulling readings from my zip rather than my PWS, even though I entered my Station ID. I’m sure that is on SmartThings’ end not ActionTile, but still disappointing. Thanks IBM…

Will see what they say.

Probably ‘tough’ - they have already moved away from that API since IBM is apparently dropping it. I hope someone comes up with a way to feed PWS data into SmartThings…

I’ve been in contact with IBM regarding the new API and they say I can fetch my PWS data using it, so according to them the new API supports PWS. I have an API key so I am hopeful that this functionality will be restored in SmartWeather Tile by allowing a config setting of API key (if ST can’t pull PWS like they could before).