SmartWeather Station Refresh

I’m trying to use the SmartWeather DTH in an automation in order to switch on an AC based on ourside temperature. However the refresh is set to 3 hours. How do I change the refresh interval. I’ve tried creating a custom DTH based on the coded from the SmartWeather DTH however I can’t figure out the syntax needed to change the update interval. I noticed this command: runEvery3Hours(“poll”) and replaced it by runPeriodically(900, poll) however then not all data is being returned from the API.

I noticed this the long default refresh time as well.

Here’s what I did since the Smart Weather Station has a ‘refresh’ action that can be triggered in an Automation. I created a Virtual Switch to loop the Automation every 15 minutes to ‘refresh’ the Weather Station.

Thanks, that workaround is working perfectly.
I was also able to add the ID of a station just a few Km away. and I now get a nice Hourly graph.
Thisweather data in turn enables me to run an automation that controls our AC units. The goal is that the AC should not switch on in cooling mode if the outside temp is below the setpoint of the AC. This is all working great now. Thanks again.