Smart Weather station tile update

I created a smart weather station tile.
Once I discovered that it does not update automatically, I set up @RBoy Smart Weather Station Tile Updater ( [RELEASE] Smart Weather Station Tile Updater - Fix Broken Modes ).
However I could not find the Smart App "SmartWeather Station Controller"under “+” > More > Convenience.
And without completing the last step it did not work.

Also, on the app, when I press the refresh button (the turning arrow) the time at the bottom does not change and the temperature neither.

Please note that I live in the UK and some SmartApps are not available.

Thanks for pointing it out, I just updated the instructions. The SmartApp code is given in the post, that’s what you need to install.

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Thanks however it is sill not working.
It does not update automatically nor manually.

Open your live logging and see what’s going on.

That would indicate an issue with the device type. You’ll have to open live logging to trace it out