Smartweather data displayed under Things

I created a device using the SmartWeather Station type. Within the mobile app under Things a tile appears which will display either the current temperature, “feels like”, or current conditions. I would like it to display the current humidity but even though that data is being retrieved it the option to display this value at the top level is not available . Is there anyway this can be changed?

Did you create a new device type in the IDE, or just use the built in?

There is a section in the device code that specifies which ones show at the top level. So in this case, add “humidity” to main

main(["temperature", "weatherIcon","feelsLike"])
	details(["temperature", "humidity", "weatherIcon","feelsLike","wind","weather", "city","percentPrecip", "refresh","alert","rise","set","light"])}

If you just used the built in one, you can create a new device type, using the Smart Weather Station Tile code template and modify that line

You, sir are scholar and a gentleman. Worked like a charm. Tyvm :blush: