SmartTiles with SightHound Video

I see Smart Tiles has the ability to use url video publishing, but I haven’t been able to find anything that discusses how to get SightHound videos to work in Smart Tiles. Any help here?

do you have the URL to the video feed?

Yes, I believe I do.

first thing is to try that URL in a regular web browser to make sure it works. … assuming it’s an MJPEG feed - Then, under Video Streams, fill in the Generic MJPEG stream tab with the parts of your URL as needed…

Ah, I see it. I did that configuration, and verified the link works. The problem I’m having now is for some reason I’m not getting a good port forward for it, not even for the main system. I’m not sure what’s blocking it, but my browser is telling me it’s being rejected. Router has the port forwarded, the camera is setup to utilize that specific port, but I’m coming back with nothing at all…sigh

For TESTING purpose only, does your router do a DMZ? Try that to test the router forwarding. If that doesn’t work, then it could be firewall on your computer?

Well, it wouldn’t have anything to do with my PC, it’s only the router and the camera that are in play here. It does have a DMZ option, but again, I don’t see how that could help since there’s no need for a DMZ???

Let me clarify: Sighthound is on my PC, but my camera is an IP camera, so technically it doesn’t have to go through sighthound. So right now I’m removing sighthound from the equation, this is only the router, the ip cam, and smarttiles.

Ok, I’ve figured out the issue with the port forwarding, I think it just didn’t like the port I gave it, I tried another one, and now it’s testing as open. I’m still not seeing anything in smarttiles though, but that might have to do with requiring authentication…is there a way to give smart-tiles authentication access to video streams?

Oh…wait…it works! Sweet! :slight_smile: Thanks Toasty! :slight_smile:

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