Action tiles & Cisco camera

I have a 10 year Cisco/linksys camera that streams in mjpeg. When I o enter the address in chrome, I can see the video but it looks like its playing is the Cisco video player. I signed up for action tiles to see if it would stream through the media tile but no luck.

I’m trying to use this to monitor my daughters room, who is special.needs & allow her nurses to keep an eye on her also. I dont want to put something cloud based in there. I could her a smartthings camera, which is cloud but my tv is a.samsumg non smart tv & I’m not looking a

What’s the camera model?

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Sorry forgot 1st rule. Cisco linksys wvc80n.

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Try setting up a media tile as mjpeg with the URL http://IPADDRESS/img/video.mjpeg

If it needs username and password in the URL, it won’t work in a lot of browsers due to security changes.
You can run it through a transcoding software like BlueIris (on PC) or TinyCamMonitor Pro (Android)

It works. Thank you very much. I’m going to setup action tiles on an ipad & this will allow her nurses to have a constant view at night. I can setup recording through my server which is on 24 hours so no big deal there. Thank you very much.

@diehllane the camera I was going to use has no night vision. I was thinking of getting the tp link kasa spot which I think would work action tiles & would it be possible for me to use blue iris to record all the time to my server?

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Yes. You can use Blue Iris. Even if the camera doesn’t work directly with ActionTiles, you can use Blue Iris to get a stream that will be compatible with ActionTiles.