New guy trying to get camera on SmartTiles Dashboard

Hello. New guy here.

I was given an Echo for Christmas. While researching this gizmo and trying to find out what I could do with it, I discovered Smartthings. So I bought a starter kit and began installing Things. Next I added an in-wall outlet… pretty cool stuff.

Most recently, I started looking for an IP camera. I ended up getting a D-Link DCS-2132L which turned into a major headache. I tried several times to set it up according to the D-Link instructions, but the setup wizard could never find my camera. Almost at my wits end, I came across instructions to set up the camera in the Smartthings app. So I opened up the Smartthings app and drilled down through the menus to where I soon was “connecting” the camera.

Poof! It works! I can see my dog’s crate on the Smartthings app.
But then I thought… observing the streaming content over my phone will really eat into my 2GBs/month. So I began looking for a desktop solution. That’s when I found out about

I installed SmartTiles and soon was looking at my Dashboard in my desktop browser. Great… but where’s the tile for the video stream? Currently when I go to SmartApps->SmartTiles[1]->Things->Cameras it says “No Available Options”.

So that’s where I’m at. Figured maybe by digging around in these forums I might find out how to add the video stream to my Dashboard. It might take me a little bit to get up to speed but maybe I can learn enough to help someone else out later down the line.


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have you checked this thread?

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Thanks. I’ll go dig through there.
I know the camera is compatible and it is actually working within the SmartThings app.

The short version of this is:

Figure out the camera’s IP address. You probably know this.

Enter it in a desktop web browser.

If a page appears, and the image appears WITHOUT it asking you to install a plug in, you’re good. Right click on the image that appears, and select whatever version of “display image in its own tab” your browser uses.

In that tab, note the URL. That’s what you enter in the MJPEG video stream spot in SmartTiles.

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