Samsung Smartcam 6440BN and 6410BN integration with Smarttiles

hello, I have multiple Smartcam cameras and would like to integrate them into the Smart Tiles Dashboard. As of right now i am unable to find the proper url pathway to do so. Has anyone else accomplished this? any help would be greatly appreciated

That’s unfortunate, you spend all this money and can’t integrate them fully into their own system.

hello, i recently purchased blue iris, as i am new to this i have no idea how to find my samsung cameras in the software… do you have any input for me??? any help would be greatly appreciated… thanks in advance

I’ve tried that, its showing error// check port,user,password

everything seems to be correct… its the user and password for my smart cam app correct?

never mind…i figured that portion out… thanks

promise this is the last time!!! i have got all my cameras in Blue Iris, now i followed the directions for smart tiles but camera picture will not populate, is there something I’m missing?

Here’s what I have set up for my 6410, for outside access.

http://admin: PASSWORD @ OUTSIDE IP OR DNS NAME : Your Forward Port/mjpg/ Camera NAME/

I tried the LAN option with the computer IP address but still nothing, jusy a grey screen on the smart tiles app

found old responses from you and figured it out… you are amazing!! thanks for all the help!

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it was a smart tiles/ blue iris post at which you stated you have to change security settings to be “non lan only”… thats a big factor, and glad this community is here with such well versed users

why can i not view my camera feed from my microsoft surface tablet?

yes using smart tiles and yes on my home lan with internet explorer

yea I’m using internet explorer, tried the raw path from smart tiles with no success

and apparently microsoft surface doesn’t allow you to download chrome


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Ya I’m starting to see that… glad it was cheap

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Smarttiles recommended using stop motion with still shots… what would the path be at that point

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Hey, I am trying to set this up and I am having the same username/password issues… I know I am entering everything correctly. Do you do anything special?