SmartTiles: Video Camera Compatibility

Really glad I found this thread. Was getting really frustrated with my Foscam C1 not streaming. The still picture is working well, though. Is this the case for all of Foscam’s HD cameras, or just the C1?

Hi, I actually had the same issue with the C1 not streaming and I changed the refresh rate to 1 second and it’s working pretty well. Not full stream but less of a delay.

Works for me. Also the free Foscam DTH works, once someone pointed out that I needed to select the “9-series camera”.

Who knew something called a C1 would be a 9 series?

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What do you mean by you “needed to select the 9-series camera”? From where?

It’s in the device type when you set up the cam in ST.

And this is the standard Foscam device type? Would you mind posting a screenshot?

Yes, I think so. Standard. I know for sure I did NOT pay for it, so the device type is out there somewhere.

This is clipped. There was more above it. The C1 did NOT work until I toggled the “9xxxx series” selection.

Failed to reply to you. look above.

Thanks for the screenshot. It is the “Foscam Universal device”. I tried it and it is not working for me as far as streaming or snap shots…I will debug it and see why later.

Mine does not stream in ST, but it take snapshots & shows the pic in the Thing.

Snapshots are saved to wherever you have the camera configured to save them, not into ST or onto your phone.

Don’t get me started though, on how clunky the camera config web pages are.

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I’m curious about this also… been playing with Smarttiles this weekend and that would be a nice touch if I could get my Arlo Cameras to show up somehow.

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Hey @625alex can the Canary camera work with SmartTiles ?

If it offers any streams that are accessible via a browser, it probably can work with SmartTiles.

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Any help on how to get a Foscam 19831V2 to work with SmartTiles would be appreciated. I’ve tried different things but can’t get it to work.


I know this is an impossibly tall order, but…

Does anybody know of a really good (shooting for the stars, but interested in all options), outdoor IP camera that is already integrated with SmartThings AND works with SmartTiles?

I’m working on a setup for somebody that needs to monitor a driveway for unwanted visitors, etc.

The driveway can be viewed from the garage, but there aren’t any windows. I suppose I could do up some sort of door/window/plastic-bubble-protection just for the cam, but if there is something already available for outdoors, that would be ideal. :slight_smile:

Any ideas?

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Do any of the Samsung SmartCams work witth SmartTiles?

Looking for help finding the URL for a DLink DCS-2330l camera…

It asks for my user/password but after that the image never loads.

The image never loads.

It is a still image not the live feed.

Loads in browser but not smart tiles.

Loads in browser but not smart tiles.

As best as I can tell, the browser won’t let you have a cross-site embedded link that has a username/password, especially if it is inserted by JavaScript.

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Try Firefox just in case.

Safari worked but there is a delay in starting up the connection, almost 45 seconds before the image starts to display.