Sannce cameras actiontiles

I’ve got a url that works in SmartThings but can’t get it to work in actiontiles? Any ideas?

Looks like this

Its just action tiles. They still have a lot of bugs to work out before they really crack down on camera feeds. I have 4 cameras 1 dlink 1 amcrest. My iPad shows all feeds sometimes but my s7 edge doesn’t ever show them. I’m sure these problems will be fixed with time.

rtsp encapsulated video feeds are supported by a very very small number of browsers at this time.

Unlike SmartThings, ActionTiles doesn’t have any video format transcoding. It’s not a bug :bug:!

RTSP and a dozen other video formats are on our roadmap for research as to complexity and profitability of implementation.

If more browsers get on board, for example, the work might get done “for us”… Or 80% of the effort, anyway.

I thought RTSP support was going to be one of the big additions for “SmartTiles v6.” That’s what I was told when I asked for help streaming my cameras to my dashboard. If rtsp still isn’t supported, I will hold off I guess.

I’m very sorry you got that impression.

We are extremely careful not to promise any Feature unless we are 99% sure we can deliver it and deliver it in a particular time frame (or won’t mention any ETA).

I am quite certain that I did not promise RTSP support. We haven’t even experimented with the concept in any way at all… We’ve only read about it and have some cautious optimism that we’ll someday figure out if it fits in the scope of ActionTiles.

If you have reference to a post where I said or implied otherwise, please let me know so that I can correct and clarify that post.