SmartTiles: Video Camera Compatibility

I have worked around the bug by making the image URL in SmartTiles end in “?”.

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Yup… I can try to throw this into a hot fix later… I’ll post notice here for y’all to test.


Any luck on this change/test?

Unfortunately, @625alex and I are prioritizing work on some “stability issues” with SmartTiles. They aren’t super widespread (we hope!) but believe related to our minimal use of the SmartThings schedule/runIn methods. We think we can remove our dependence on them.

I think we’re gonna slip this into the next pointpoint release shortly! :smile:

Just wanted to report that I got the Amcrest ProHD 1080 (IP2M-841) sorta working with SmartTiles.


The &subtype=1 is optional to point it at the substream. I’ve got the primary stream set to much higher resolution/bitrate and h.264 encode for better local recording.

I do have one problem though. I have to login to the camera with the device the dashboard is running on before the video stream will show. I quickly work around that right now by having a webpage link tile with the exact same URL as the MJPEG video tile. Tap that once, see video, go back to dashboard and all is kosher. If anyone has an idea to get around that–let me know.

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I read up a little bit. Looks like I’m hitting the same authentication problem as

Any word on what we can do to fix this?

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SmartTiles doesn’t do anything “special” about embedding video, but as I mentioned on a recent post, perhaps it needs to in order to accommodate certain types of streams.

It’s beyond my current experience / skill level to know for sure, but there seems to be perfectly valid browser security protocols kicking in here. Embedded content can’t share credentials with objects from other server(s) or you get … cross-server scripting risk or something like that…

HTTP Error 401 - Unauthorized: Access is denied due to invalid credentials. This behavior occurs if the following conditions are true: The Web site that you try to view uses Integrated Windows authentication. The application pool for the Web site recycles during the authentication process.

The primary recommendation I make currently is for users to promote the question on user support forums for the specific camera vendors, particularly asking questions about embedding camera streams in websites. Webcam vendors have been under some scrutiny for lax security, so they may have taken the most conservative (and thus, restriction) protocol options.


Thanks for the explanation! That makes sense now. Will go to the vendor with feedback.

In the meantime I guess I might try messing with dynamically updating allowed IPs of my devices to connect without authentication. Deeper than I intended to go, but it’ll make for some good learning whether or not I can get that working.

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@wrecks and others…: We might be getting close to a NestCam solution.

If any of y’all may be willing to share a non-private area camera feed with a temporary password, please Private Message myself and/or @625alex. Thanks!

I had my older Dropcam working fine. I added a Nest cam and then had to take down my Smarttiles screen. Now I am trying to add them and am getting nothing. Sounds like the nest cam is having issues connecting with Smarttiles but shouldn’t my older drop cam still work?

So we think… But it would not be surprising if Nest changed settings on older DropCams too, maybe?

Perhaps email if you have some time to dig into your camera settings, especially if you can set and share a temporary password and such.

Popular brand of camera so we’d like to get/keep them working!

Will do! I’d be happy to help in any way. All I’m getting is two blank gray screens : (

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Make sure you test the stream in a standalone browser window. If it does not work on it’s own, it won’t work with SmartTiles either.

Please note that some browsers are not able to display Flash video streams. Are you trying to use a different device for you SmartTiles setup?

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It works in the browser window. I’m just trying to do the still frame setup since I have an iPad that doesn’t support flash. The dropcam worked before. Now I can’t get the dropcam or the nest cam to work

Ah … that’s different … Still frame (SMV “Stop Motion Video”) has to deliver a single JPG image per refresh.
Email me the URL you’re using for that?

Sure thing. I’ll send it

Ok so i need some quick help here. What is the best cam to pick up for the money that will work with smarttiles? I know there has been some discussion here and there but i can’t seem to pick out the good from the bad. All help would be great!

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How do I get to the page where you name the camera and enter the code?

Is there a FAQ or something on setting up video?
I can see the video in the SmartThings app under MyHome->Things->camera.
But when I go to SmartApps->SmartTiles[1]->Things->Cameras, I get “No Available Options”.

That was for the old system (Action Dashboard).

In the new SmartTiles, to add a camera for video you go into the dashboard and then go to Video Streams. From there, you select the specific stream type you will use and add the URL (there are instructions guiding you through this in the app).

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