Setting up SmartTiles for the first time

I hope it is okay to ask this question. I had read today about the SmartThing Tiles today, and I would like to use this off an old tablet, however I wasnt able to see how to get started. I did the install from the Tiles website, but after the install I didnt see how toget or create the dashboard. Do I somehow create my own webpage and then have the Tablet load the web page? or how does this work?

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but if it was today, the SmartThings cloud has been broken today for many people, you might just have run into that.

Okay, so then it should download something that I run as an app? or how does the tiles work?

SmartTiles runs as a web-app… The current version is 95% hosted on SmartThings’s Cloud, so might not be working due to outage.

To create your Dashboard(s) and get their URLs, go into the SmartThings Mobil App, find your installed SmartApps under the upper corner hamburger menu, and select… And explore.