SmartTiles Not Working?

SmartTiles has always worked flawlessly on my phone, tablet and PC. Tonight all I get on all three is this:
<error_description>a787a97e-5403-xxxxxxxxxxxxxx</error_description> (edited token #)

I haven’t made any changes, could this be a consequence of the platform changes affecting the “root” for security reasons?

I hope that’s not it, but they should know. You will get the fastest response if you ask your question in the current smart tiles topic:

They also have multiple support channels listed on their website:

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Thanks @JDRoberts.


Sorry for the trouble, Shawn, and thanks for the tag, @JDRoberts

SmartTiles v5.8.0 is in the process of being deployed, and, long story short, access_tokens are being deprecated.

You should go back into the SmartThings mobile App, SmartTiles Configuration and fetch the new “Launcher URL” for each of your Dashboards. For better or worse, you will need to use a SmartThings Account login (email) and password now.

Details additional discussion here:

Thanks for the speedy reply @tgauchat !

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