SmartTiles Dashboard 5.4.2 - July 13 (

No it didn’t work with either one. This is supposed to effect the icon for MyQ: Garage Door Opener - listed under Switches. Right? That tile just shows the left/right toggle still.

Hey Alex. Just a thought. The Custom CSS section in the app has been limited to the top 1/3rd of the screen. This makes it harder to see and work in. Also when I want to get to the bottom of the code I currently have to swipe upwards over 50 times because each small swipe up only moves the code about 6 lines. Any chance of increasing that area to incorporate more of the screen?

I can look tomorrow and try it out.

Sorry, but I was not able to get it to work without copying the icon itself, this is all really new to me. Maybe someone else will chime in to help.

I will add it to the next patch if I don’t forget.

A note on custom CSS:

I gave the means to customize the look and feel if one chooses to. However, any custom CSS is a modification of the original code and as such is not supported by me.

The best place to look for CSS customization tips is this thread:

The internet is your oyster, start cracking here: CSS Tutorial

Use CSS analyzer that comes with your browser or view the page source, my favorite one is Fire Bug for Fore Fox.

Good luck!


Any chance you’ve had an opportunity to revisit rtsp for video streams? I know you are slammed busy, but just wanted to check.

Thanks for all your awesome work!

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@625alex I just updated to 5.3.3 and I noticed that the Quartz theme has an issue with the “Dashboard” link tiles. The icon used by the tile can’t be seen because it’s probably set to the same color as the background of the tile

Is there a way to exclude some things from the Event History? My weather tile is spammy :slight_smile:

@eibyer, I had posted about this above a little.
This is what I posted:

I was also able to easily remove items from the Event History window for things I did not need to see the history for.
I just removed them from:

def filterEventsPerCapability(events, deviceType) {

def getAllDeviceEvents() {

I don’t know if thats the correct way but it worked

Let me know if you need help.

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Thanks! Will give it a shot later, I didn’t search very hard as you can see lol. Didn’t feel like messing with my dash using a smartphone.

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@625alex i think removing the weather tile from the history by default would be better, i think no one wants to know how the weather was in the past…every hour lol

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Is there a way to group lights together as a single switch, like the short cuts do in the ST mobile app? I’m specifically trying to control 3 Hue lights in the same room from a single panel.
Thank you

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@jason_coleman Find the App “Dim With Me” it will allow you to controll and dim multiple lights from one main light in your ST things or on the SmartTiles.


Actually @Eduardo_Veras and @625alex, for Weather Underground/WeatherTile, I would like to keep track of daily weather patterns for my gardening.

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Feeling stupid here, but how do you run this app full screen? My browsers on my iPad show the tabs and such of my webpage.

That is called “kiosk mode.”

On an iPad, it’s an option called “guided access.”

There are also third party apps that lock it down more tightly, but for most home use guided access is enough.

Thanks! That does allow me to scroll so only the webpage content is visible, but it still lets the screen move and reveal the tabs. I would like the browser to lock in full screen, no tabs or menu options visible. Thoughts?

Lots of third party apps offer special browsers which combine with guided access to create a kiosk mode without tabs or address bar. Some are as cheap as 99 cents, most are around $4.99.

Search the App Store for kiosk (looking for iPad apps) and you should find lots.

Also, the following company sells ipad wall mounts and table stands for stores and restaurants, and their site has a list of the more popular highly polished kiosk mode apps:

Perfect, I’m familiar with some non-standard browsers I’ve used in the past. The kiosk idea is very helpful. Thanks again!