SmartTiles Custom URL Link Tile

I have setup a link to Sonos using sonos:// and this works fine. However, I can’t find a good way to lock down a browser that supports this and the live stream of my cameras.

I found an app called Kiosk Browser that once upgraded to the pro version, you can launch apps by using javascript. I have tested this on their site and it works. When I take the exact code (seen below) and place it in the URL of a custom tile, nothing happens.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

cc: @tgauchat @625alex

Well, I didn’t find a way to launch the javascript but I did find a way to enable intents in the kiosk app. Thinks like sonos:// now work as intended.

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Allowing the embedding of arbitrary JavaScript is too risky; however, thanks for pointing out the availability of the “openApplication()” method… Interesting.

I think @625alex and I will consider adding this, sometime, as a special option to the Shortcut/Link Tile in ActionTiles (SmartTiles V6)… i.e., instead of just supporting URLs, at some point we might offer the ability for the user to specify a value to be passed to “openApplication(<value>)”`. Possibly very useful, but too soon to assess the effort and risks.

(PS: But also very glad you found the easy and widely applicable use of native “intents” in the URI format, sonos://…). :smile: