Anyone know how to integrate an app into SmartTiles? android

I have the blink tiles, but if I get an alert because of motion, it is several steps to get the Blink app open. Be nice to just click on a tile to either go straight to the live view of the camera, or at least open the app. Anyone done this ? Thanks

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In doing some research on this, I find there are websites that when you click on a link it opens their standalone app. So since SmartTiles will open a URL, I would think it might be done. Just can not figure out how.


Correct… It’s known as an <intent-filter> and Google is working on making Android even more powerful and seamless between the web browser and apps … both ways.

But currently it is up to the App developer (in this case, Blink) to put the functionality into their App package…

For more info, here’s a random article on the topic:

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