Smart Tiles 5.3.3-M giving error for the url

I installed Smart Tiles 5.3.3-M, I used the “from code” method and everything looked good until I got to the get url part of it. When i click it I get the error “{“error”:true,“type”:“AccessDenied”,“message”:“This request is not authorized by the specified access token”}” not sure where to go from here any help would be greatly appreciated.

Try Enabling the Auth in the app settings in the IDE for the Smart Tiles app and don’t forget to push the update button,

Just a reminder that all SmartTiles versions prohibit unauthorized “distribution”.

If you have received a copy of SmartTiles in source code or other form from anyone (other than Alex or myself), that copy is illegitimate and possession of it is a license and copyright violation.

We appreciate your respect of software copyrights. - Thank-you.

This software if free for Private Use. You may use and modify the software without distributing it.

This software and derivatives may not be used for commercial purposes. You may not modify, distribute or sublicense this software. You may not grant a sublicense to modify and distribute this software to third parties.

Software is provided without warranty and the software author/license owner cannot be held liable for damages.

I apologize I did not know that, I signed up on your new website and will happily pay the license fee when I get an invite.

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Thanks, Brandon… :smiley:!

We really appreciate it and are excited to know what you think about ActionTiles.

A big batch of Invitations will go out later today, so keep watch for your Code… They sometimes land in spam :frowning:.

The invite didn’t come through do you know when the next batch will be sent out? Thank you,

I apologize, Brandon. … Family medical situation this week, so the queue got backed up.

We’re very likely to get caught up later today (Friday), as we try every week, since we know folks want to take advantage of the weekend to explore ActionTiles.