SmartTiles URL doesn't display dashboard

I’ve just installed SmartTiles, configured a few items and tried to launch the custom URL within the app (or desktop) and all I get is a list of the items I configured, not a dashboard. Could someone please tell me what i’m doing wrong?

I get the following launching the URL from either a desktop pc, or with the test inside the app itself on my phone.

###Please email for more assistance.

Sorry to hear SmartTiles isn't working... This problem started showing for many folks a couple weeks ago even though we made no changes. We think there's a problem with the standard JQuery resources that we load, and unfortunately, the source is hard-coded into the SmartApp and SmartThings takes 4 to 6 weeks to publish an update (BTW: We completely avoid this issue in next generation of SmartTiles "V6" = ActionTiles ... coming soon).

Possible Solutions?

  1. Please be sure to completely clear the cache on affected browsers.
  2. Make sure there's no Firewall, Proxy, or Anti-Virus that may be blocking something.
  3. Try creating a new dashboard (up to 5 total Dashboards are allowed on v5.8, unlimited in ActionTiles).

I wish we had a better solution. ... well... we do with ActionTiles and are putting all our effort into getting it released.

Got it working. My FW was blocking part of the content for some reason. Thx!

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